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27th May 2006, 10:28
Hi, i've just bought Hitman Blood Money. Right now I'm in the opera level. every time i play it it shuts down after 2 minutes. Im getting back to the desktop like the game wasnt even started. Anyone else had problems like that???
I updated the game to 1.1 and I updated my nvidia graphics-driver to the newest available. Nothing works!!! I'm really upset right now...
i hope somebody can help me on this.
thx alex

27th May 2006, 11:00
Have you tried disabling HW acceleration? It could help.

27th May 2006, 12:23
what exactly do you mean by HW- acceleration and where can i disable it? maybe i just have a translation problem (I'm from Austria and i play the german version).
thanks alex

27th May 2006, 13:48
Sound hardware acceleration, im still waiting for the full game but i think i read somwhere that it fixed the ctd on that level in some setups, im not sure though because i also read that this level corrupted someones profile so...

Go to control panel>sounds and audio devices>and where you select your speaker setup there is an advanced button (advanced audio properties). There you can select performance and drop sound hardware acceleration all the way down, then apply the new settings. You can also do this in dxdiag. :) .

Best luck Alex.

27th May 2006, 15:20
i disabled it via Dxdiag. it didn't help. then I uninstalled the game (even my profile!), installed it again, made a new profile and played the first two levels again. now I'm again in the Opera level and it's again the same sh**. After about 2 minutes of playing it crashes to the desktop. I dunno what else to do. Maybe one of the admins knows something. But for today I'm fed up with this game ...

thanks for the help anyway, alex

27th May 2006, 15:28
Im sorry to hear that alex :( .
I know there are more people experiencing this bug. Hopefully it will be corrected in a patch.
If i find a workaround/fix somewhere i will post here so you can continue playing :) .

27th May 2006, 15:37
What are your specs?

27th May 2006, 15:49
sorry what?
as I said I'm neither a native speaker nor a computer specialist. thank you,

27th May 2006, 15:53
sorry what?
as I said I'm neither a native speaker nor a computer specialist. thank you,

The specifications of your computer, CPU (processor), sound card, graphics card, etc.
Also dont forget to update the drivers ;) .

28th May 2006, 10:00
Athlon 64 3500+
nvidia Geforce 6800GT
motherboard (with onboard sound): MSI K8N Neo2 (nForce 3Ultra chipset)
latest drivers are installed.


Snowy Joe
28th May 2006, 10:15
Well it loooks like your computer meets the game's requerments
If you have any extra money here's a tip, buy a xbox 360 and play it on that

29th May 2006, 09:53
Is there really no admin/moderator from eidos who is able to answer questions?? For example when will a new patch be released, that maybe fix some problems (the 1.1 doesn't)? I really don't want to call the 1,80 €/minute help-hotline so they can read the readme-file to me. I have paid 49.- for a game thats not working and it's not possible to get support???

29th May 2006, 12:06
I solved the crash to desktop by uninstalling my current latest sounddrivers and using the basic windows ones. Odd and stupid..but true:rasp:

Snowy Joe
29th May 2006, 12:25
I think their busy trying to relise a new patch ( because the last one was stupied and did nothing to the demo or full game) and so they probably don't have the time to answer your questions.
Atleast that's what I think why they arn't replying, or they can't be bothered to help you or they just want your money