View Full Version : Movie Problems

27th May 2006, 06:12
Hey guys, I'm having a problem with all story/intro/ending movies (after applying the 1.1 patch, as in I didn't have this problem before)... They all start getting stuck every 5-10 seconds or so, and I have to end up alt-tabbing to some other application and switching back for the movie to "unlag". This is a lot worse than the problem I had with movies in Hitman 3, which was where the sound lagged real bad. Also, just as a note, everytime the video and sound lags behind, the subtitles get ahead of the whole movie thing. Any ideas? And btw, I've got AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (2GHz), 1.25gb ram, ATi Radeon 9550.. Not the best hardware, but good enough to run this game without extreme lag like before the patch.