View Full Version : "Till Death Do Us Part" Help!! *Spoilers*

26th May 2006, 18:48
Hi all, desperate for some help with this level, and as the game is so new I haven't found any other forum threads/faqs/etc around the internet that might have given me any advice.

I'm stuck on the "Till Death Do Us Part" level, the wedding 47 invites himself to in Mississipi, right after the Steam Boat level. My problem is as follows:

I actually cannot figure out any way to even start this lvl. With or without a guest disguise, there seems no way in to the main house. The groom comes out once in a while to shoot some rounds skywards, but that's no good.

There are three doors to the house..the main one has two static guards. The left one (looking toward the house) has a kissing couple so door can't be opened. Other side has a static guard on the inside facing doorway. The dog prevents entry that way...no way to climb up, no way to get in....

So basically I'm hoping someone can suggest a way in, or a "gang member" whose disguise I can pinch. I'm almost thinking of just cheating to get the level over with :mad:

26th May 2006, 19:12
You need an invitation card to get into the house. Some guests have them, some do not. When you start the level, go into the area with the dancing rednecks. You'll see one guest puking and slowly moving towards a barn on the left. Follow him and sedate him when he's out of view. Take his clothes and card.

26th May 2006, 22:37
Thank you Xcom...since reading that I don't know whether to curl up and cry, or try the level again with an M4 :mad2: Thank you, I noticed that one you mentioned but thought nothing of it...Mr. Muldoon and Pappy are gonna have a really bad night :D

Beagle Boy
10th Jun 2006, 22:18
Wait for the guest by the broken house. sedate. take his clothes and invite. get inside talk to the bride. she leaves. sneak into the kitchen. poison the cake. go behind the house. put a mine in the chicken bucket near the gaurd house. wait for target 1 to pick it up and till he goes to the grave yard. detonate. by the time the target2 would have been poisoned. change clothes get out .

Damn easy mission.

10th Jun 2006, 22:37
There's a cool video on youtube of a guy achieving SA in this mission in under 1.30 minutes without changing his clothes. I've done it myself since, it's a lot of fun.

You basically run to the left-hand side door (with the couple kissing), and use your silenced ballers with extra powerful ammo to shoot open the door. Run inside, towards the seated guard, to the right and again, shoot open the door in front of you. This brings you into a bathroom with two further doors out. Shoot open the one to your right (for later) and pass through the other door into the main hallway where the groom will be passing. Pop one in his head. Return through the other bathroom door you shot open and up the stairs to the second floor. On the second floor landing take a left and the first door on your left which also needs shooting open. Follow the corridor round to a small bedroom where Pappy is waiting. Put one in his head before shooting open the door onto the walkaround balcony. Follow this around to the roof leading to the arboretum. Jump over and down to the ground. Run to the exit and onto the boat.

Goes without saying you should never stop running and conceal your ballers when running by guards. If they don't see your gun, they just try to catch you and tell you off for being somewhere you shouldn't. It sounds complicated but give it a try. Something very satisfying about a smash and grab that earns you a silent assassin rating. :)

10th Jun 2006, 23:31
Push Pappy into the grave and blow up the lights whem the groom is by the piano, i once wired the groom when he was following the bride around the house and hid his body but the level bugs if you do that and you get a bad rating.

This and the Mississipi one are 2 i havent gone for SA yet, i think i did all the others SA on expert :) .

samuel fisher
23rd Aug 2006, 18:36
Another twist, I''m sure there's many, I sneak over to the locked gate on the right side (guard dog), wait till the 2 guards leave and the kitchen help comes out of the shack and is just past the gate on his way back to the kitchen. Rush the gate, pick the lock, run through the door (kitchen guy just came of) and thru room (right side) to the back(towards dock-exit), pop the guard, steal his suit, run back to shack door, walk to house, in kitchen, go up left stairs to attic, disconnect power box, papa when in his room sends guard up first, then comes up himself. After you get papa back downstairs, hide in closet off bathroom, after groom follows wifi by to arboretum, step out, head shot, run right, go to dock, pick up suit, escape. Wont get you a good rating, but I figured it out without any help.