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26th May 2006, 07:29
Well.. Got the demo some days ago.. Had the lag problem, Couldnt be solved.. So i thought I'd just wait till the actual game is released and enjoy the full version, thinking they'd fix the problem.. Well they fixed the problem.. For the demo.. That's great.. Now fix the game!! Can't wait!!:D The game is awesome.. I can now enjoy the demo and hope they will have the fix for the full game within.. seconds! heh. I know you Eidos guys ofc have to work on it and im sure there are some stressed devs.. hehe.. I just can't help to wonder why this problem occurs.. You could call the Demo a beta.. Games should be beta tested in a wide range of system configs.. Do that next time.. Same thing really.. Just call the demo beta-test.. And expect problems.. Wait for feedback and solve the problem.. Expect longer time from release of demo/beta to actual release of the game.. Gives the fans expectations that arent dissapointed.. Dissapointed customers really is a bugger. (I work in a CSU (customer support unit) so i know how this is unwanted and just as bad a feeling for the firm as the customer.. In the game industry i think you could even exploit a customers feeling.. If the release day is set right contra the demo/beta release you might fix the problem before the release and you could release a game before release date and have a bunch of "happily surprised fans" that now just love you even more.. Anyways.. Just a thought.. Guess I'll complete the demo in all ways possible and wait for the just around the corner fix that i know stress you guys.

Still a satisfied customer (Stay innovative to make even more satisfied)

Intel 3.06Ghz
2 Gigs of ram
Radeon 9800xt 256mb
Demo works fine after patch.