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26th May 2006, 05:53
Yes i have a problem with the game. Whenever i get to the 4th level Curtains Down SOMEWHERE in the game ONLY on that level it frezezzs and LOCKS up!!! IT is starting to make me mad!!! I already reinstalled it....what do i do?

26th May 2006, 07:43
Name the game when you post. There are many represented here. Even a player of the same game might not know what you are asking. There are curtains the player needs to deal with in many games.

Second. What are the specs of your computer, or is it a Xbox or the like.

What, exactly do you do that causes the problem, and any other helpful information.

Third, look at the main forum page http://forums.eidosgames.com/index.php
and post your question it THAT GAME FORUM.

26th May 2006, 21:49
i have the same problem and it's not an issue of hardware( nvidia 7800gs) it's a bug in the game and it's anoying please help me


1st Jun 2006, 05:59
I'm having the same trouble.....
My PC is way over the Min Spec. No matter where Iam on Level 4 (Curtains Down) it will shut down saying there has been an error with Hitman Blood Money.
Sometime the game will pop back up but the sound of a man singing is looped like its crashed?

PLZ PLZ PLZ help ive tried everything!

Alanuk22 :confused:

1st Jun 2006, 07:59
I belive a work around for that bug Is to lower your sound acceleration down to 'No Acceleration'

Start Menu -> Run -> dxdiag -> Sound Tab -> Move the slider all the way to the left -> Run the game and see what happens.

Hope that helps.

1st Jun 2006, 22:25
has nothing to do with the sound
Eidos did make a big mistake to bring out a game what is not finish'd
i have the same problem i did reinstall and deleted my old profile but when i get in the opera and killed they guy in the toilet the game creahs'd back to desktop
this has nothing to do with other people pc's only with Eidos putting out a bad game
Hope they will fix this soon till then i wont try to play the game on the pc to bad i cant take it back to the shop and get my money back
45 euro for this bugged
i could try to give at as a present to someone i dont like

2nd Jun 2006, 10:28
***deleted due to unfairness***

2nd Jun 2006, 22:31
i did it all and updated to the beta drivers for my nv6200ge
but still get the same crash at the same point
game is working fine at the start
i think whe cant fix this on our own the fault is in the game and has nothing to do with the computer you use
i will go play FEAR or battlefield 2 instead atleast i can play these games so i now the problem is not on mine side but on the side of EIDOS
nexttime i will give the 45 euro to the WWF or a health organisation they do a better job with the money then bring out crappy games