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25th May 2006, 23:33
2 Questions:

1. What exactly causes the temporal distortions Raziel experiences when encountering the reaver in the Sarafan Keep (beginning of SR2)? I understood that 2 'souls' being at the same place at one point in time caused it, i.e., Raziel being there in the (broken) sword and in his blue self. If this is true, how can Raziel and the wraith blade be together? And why is there no temporal distortion when Blue Raziel fights Sarafan Raziel? Assuming that my interpretation is incorrect, what causes the temporal distortion?

2. How do the Nexus Stone in BO2 and the orb on Moebius' staff relate? Both seem to have the same effect on the reaver.

26th May 2006, 22:19
If these questions have been addressed earlier, please let me know and give me the link(s). I've looked for the answers but couldn't find them.

As for my 2nd question, I should have asked: DO they relate? At least, what are your thoughts?

2nd Jun 2006, 00:45
Note to self: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showpost.php?p=498354&postcount=7

2nd note to self: Perhaps the distortions are only there when history is at risk of being changed? Still pondering...

Sigh, I'm guessing this is being discussed somewhere else. I'll have to search some more then...

2nd Jun 2006, 01:08
I see you found my answer to question 2 :)

As to question 1...I believe that those feelings are caused by history exerting its "will" on Raziel (I'm not saying that history is a sentient being with desires as such - to use Kain's metaphor of pebbles in a stream its a point where the stream is very narrow and so the water is flowing much faster and the pebble is powerless to do anything but be swept along until the stream widens and the water slows down).

When Raziel first experiences the feeling in WTJ's tomb he is compelled to pick up the reaver blade whilst the wraithblade is compelled to fix it. In theory Raziel could have used his free will (which he didnt know he had at the time) to fight back and refuse to repair the blade. However, that change would have caused such a major paradox that it is likely that Raziel would have been entirely ejected from history.

The second time he is compelled to take up the reaver and use it to destroy Kain - this time, however, Kain persuades him to resist and take control of his destiny. He does so, history is changed and the feeling of vertigo goes away.

2nd Jun 2006, 01:15
Makes sense! I was almost arriving at this conclusion.. hehe. Nevertheless, I appreciate your clearing this up!