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25th May 2006, 10:47
Hey guys,...:)

Does one know a mod which makes the militia units... weaker?

I searched a bit already but couldn't find one :whistle:

28th May 2006, 01:37
they are weak enough already anyway. why do you want them even weaker? :D
just get into Square Formation with your line infantry and those poor farmers will die pretty fast.

28th May 2006, 10:10
They are too strong at the beginning...

...and I can't go into square formation in the beginning... can you? :D

14th Jun 2006, 16:20
I would like to know where a person can mod the damage of all units, as I feel some units are not good enough or are to good, and ned to be adjusted. Along with range of arty.

Can someone please name the right file for these changes.:confused:

14th Jun 2006, 16:53

I think it's the second d/l. I don't know if thats what your looking for.:scratch:

14th Jun 2006, 19:31
Now that works great and thanks for the tip officerpuppy.

I have mad a few changes and now will see how realistic they are, and tweak as needed.