View Full Version : Up/Down menu not switching properly o.O

24th May 2006, 11:04
Got the demo and this problem: when I remap my controls, and when there's a pickup (or action) menu that requires selecting one of multiple options, and I hold down the Pickup (or action) key and press my Menu Up or Menu Down key, the selection doesn't switch to the next item in the column, but to the next one; for example, if I can pickup Shotgun or Pistol ammo, I get close to them and press the Pickup key so that appears a menu that, form up to down, has Shotgun ammo, Pistol ammo, Cancel; my cursor is on the Shotgun ammo, but I don't want it, I want only the ammo for Pistol, so I press my "Menu down" key, and the cursor doesn't go to the Pistol ammo, but directly on the Cancel. This only happens when I remap my controls - when defaulted to the up/down arrows it's ok. I've tried different controls (like the mouse wheel, my movement keys or other keys on my kbd), but with no result; looks like the problem is caused by the remapping itself, because when I choose the Up/Down arrows as meu Up/Down, the problem persists, but when I reset to the default key config, it disappears. Any ideas?