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23rd May 2006, 18:13
Cant wait for the game to release! It plays beautifully on my pc.

My PC specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice
Asus A8N-SLI motherboard
2 gigs of PQI ram
80gb Western Digital Raptor HD 10,000rpm
Gigabyte Geforce 7800 GT video card (awesome)
Onboard sound

I have the demo graphics settings tweaked all the way on every highest setting including anti-aliasing 4x and it runs incredibly smooth and the graphics are nice!

Gotta love it.

23rd May 2006, 18:18
I agree. Demo runs nicely for me.

23rd May 2006, 18:43
I grabbed the demo last night, and I was both impressed and disappointed in the demo. I was impressed because it looked good and played good. They've really done some improvements (much needed) in the graphics engine of the game. They've also added quite a bit to the gameplay, as 47 has a bunch of context sensitive moves he can do. As an example, when you don't have a weapon out, hitting the fire button will make you do HTH combat moves when you're close to an enemy. Depending on the situation, you can grab the enemy's gun, push him over a railing, etc. You can throw weapons and kill people, take them as a human shield (and if you have to reload, 47 will force them down and kneel on them while he reloads), and hide bodies in containers to keep them out of view.

I was disappointed in two things. One, all you get with your 800 meg download is the tutorial level, which is linear and forces you into some choices I would not make if playing the real game (I go for the Silent Assassin rating, and you have to kill something like a dozen different people to complete the tutorial), plus doesn't have any alternate routes you can take. I'm also disappointed in the save system, or rather the lack thereof. The demo had NO way to save your game. From what I've read, the full game will have checkpoint saves in the middle of missions, with hard saves at the end. If you stop playing in the middle of a mission you'll have to start the level over when you come back.

I had no issues with the demo itself. I've got an Athlon 64 3000+, 1 gig of PC3200 dual-channel DDR, a 6800 Ultra and Audigy 2 sound card. It ran pretty much perfectly at 1280x1024 resolution, details maxxed, AA at 2x and AF at 4x (these are my usual settings in most games). I had no crashes at all.

23rd May 2006, 19:51
Im happy to read some positive feedback about the demo, keep it coming :) .

23rd May 2006, 20:00
I wasn't very impressed with the demo, I'll still get the game but that was a really weak and very boring level to demo the game with (probably because its the tutorial level).

23rd May 2006, 23:24
Some not so good feedback on the demo...

Jerky, too jerky, slow, lots of stuttering, even bad fps at the main menu? :(
My not so great specs:

P4 2.4
1.5 DDR
6600GT AGP
Audigy2 ZS

I tried several diferent setting combos, didnt even bother with post filter, high, low, custom, sound, textures, etc... even if i make it look very bad (all the way down) it still jerks to a point that makes it far from enjoyable.
The graphics look supperb but other than that im not very impressed, it seems they focused 90% on the graphics and the gory, sick, usual hitman stuff (kitchen knifes, hammer, baseball bats) but most of the good stuff is missing.

Linear, not many options and paths, go here, kill, dispose, move on... The demo felt more splinter cell alike than hitman but the a.i. is still not very good and the game runs real bad (unlike SCCT)... I think only people with very high end rigs will be able to enjoy this one. Physics seem average, the usual ragdolls and some few objects swing but there are still colision errors (corpses going thru eachother), 47 itself is very "stiff" and doesnt interact with the game environment so well.
Movies and more movies, most actions we perform in the game are showned thru movies.. you press the E key and watch a small movie, an old fiberwire bug is present where 47 just swings it and the victim drops dead on the ground. The NPC's repeat the same voice lines over and over and they dont seem to care if someone is shooting or screaming nearby, in the final room they saw me thru the wall... the animations remain for the most the same, not very smooth but ok. We can hide inside closets but there is no animation for it, 47 teleports there instantly??
The interface is diferent but not so intuitive and sometimes you will have to read the top left corner of the screen to see if you should press Q, E, G or SPACE.. hopefully we can configure it the way we like/want.

Some good things:
The game didnt CTD.
I didnt have to update drivers or DX or do anything, it just worked.
Loading times were fast.

Overall.. I dont know, its not the same but is it better? I keep comparing it to Anathema, Invitation to a party, Shogun Showdown, ToTT and i miss the really huge levels and all the options and freedom i used to have :( .
BM is pretty but limited and SC alike?

This is all about the demo, will the full build run better? Are the other levels better? Is it patchable? Will IOI/Eidos patch it or move on like they usually do?

I dont know if i will purchase this one, im a little disapointed, sorry..


I just noticed the missing brass and something else...
There were no bullet holes on NPC's but on the last level of the demo i shot the chick with the desert eagle and the bullet holes showned. With the smg they wouldnt, i believe these 2 are small bugs that should be fixed in the full version or a patch...

23rd May 2006, 23:53
Linear, not many options and paths, go here, kill, dispose, move on....

Well, it's a tutorial after all.

24th May 2006, 00:43
I don't know where you've been or how you got your demo to work, but mine doesn't. It crashes to desktop.I got everything up to date and it doesn't work. so I say it sucks.

24th May 2006, 02:28
Didn't Contracts have the mouse-lag-at-the-main-menu issue at first?

24th May 2006, 16:06
I quite agree. The demo is awesome :) Runs very nicely on my AMD Athlon 64 3500+, 1GB RAM and Radeon X1600 Pro. I don't really have any real complaints, and I look forward to get my copy of the game on the 26th.

Very linear, though, but that's understandable considering it's the tutorial mission. Not a very good level to demo, I think, since it doesn't really show theh "true nature" of the game and I think many people may not understand that. One of the real levels would have been nice.

24th May 2006, 16:26
Didn't Contracts have the mouse-lag-at-the-main-menu issue at first?

No, you just had to tone down or disable the post filter blur thingy.
Its very odd for the BM menu to be jerky, its just a picture..
This demo runs like a dog and i dont really see why?
Doom3 runs well at 1280x1024, same for SCCT (PS3.0, HDR).

Maybe its a problem with drivers or the copy protection is messing up (i think the demo has it) :scratch: .
Or maybe the game code is badly ported from the consoles, im not buying the game if the full version stutters this bad... there are way too many people having performance problems, even people with very high end systems.

And then they say PC games dont sell good enough... im still waiting for the TR Legend patch that fixes the messed up textures :mad: .


It seems Eidos is well aware of it and are working on a fix for both the full game and the demo, there is still hope!