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23rd May 2006, 15:24
Screw the game **** mode lets talk about online. like how many weapons and how many maps and ppl can join the game.

23rd May 2006, 16:21
we have been asking these questions for awhile now, and no one has responded, you would think for a game thats just being released they would give us some info on it.

24th May 2006, 19:31
Well I managed to have a game online with some random person once. Didn't talk much. Otherwise it's exactly like the offline 'skirmish' mode, but with someone else helping.

You get to choose 1 of the 4 blue heros, Rogue, Helm, Gunner or Bagman. Each has their own minor special trait. You also get to choose just one underslung (alternative) weapon.

Rogue has 'full inventory'. Whatever that means. I think it just means he starts off with more ammo and grenades. Also his score multiplier is 1x.

Helm has the holodecoy, that seems to fizzle out if it wanders too far from you, which isn't as far as the single player game, but still helpful.

Gunnar has infinite ammo, and Bagman has infinite medpacks. They all have 1.25x score multiplier.

Theres also built in microphone voice chat, and from what i can tell the mic's just on all the time or sound sensitive.

As for the amount of people who can join, I think I read somewhere that it's four.

As for maps, theres 3 maps under the 'Progressive' game mode. Which is quite simply, get from A to B within a custom time limit, with lots of enemies in the way. Lots.

And two maps for 'Stronghold' game mode. An AI character huddles in a corner somewhere and it's your job to keep him alive until the timer runs out. Suprisingly hard, especially the one called Glass Zone.

All maps can be mirrored. Which quite simply means that everything looks as if through a mirror. Even the way you carry your gun is mirrored. Does add a suprising twist to maps though.

24th May 2006, 20:41
sounds boring

25th May 2006, 14:15
i got the game, its pretty good but it does look like they really skimped on the online stuff. whats the point of giving you points after every mission, it doesnt save it or keep track of any stats.

a few more game modes would have bee nice as well. oh well. i guess they didnt care much about the multiplayer.

Judge Rabbi
25th May 2006, 21:27
If you see the credits the team behind the game was really really small.

If they release a Map Editor for the PC version perhaps Rogue Trooper would go down as one of the best games made.

27th May 2006, 01:45
I see you playing just a few hours ago Rabbi?

But yeah. Game is actually suprisingly fun multiplayer, but doesn't blend well with certain individuals. There are those who simply rush ahead with no regard for team work. There isn't much need for it though, as you're a genetically engineered marine after all, but obviously some weapon choices put certain players into better roles.

And then theres those who - for some god awful reason - seem to play everything that is going through the speakers over the built in voice com, which isn't very good for voice com anyway. There was one guy earlier playing some very bad country music :mad:

With 4 players, the games pretty pointless. I started using pistol on Glass Zone (huge waves of enemies), then went to get a drink and rolled a cigarette. Otherwise, it's a blast multiplayer. A map editor and perhaps some tweak that adds more enemies per player would take this game to new heights.

27th May 2006, 07:30
Is there any way to text chat in-game? I've been bumbling around a bit tonight, but I can't find any sort of text chat key in the manual or under options. :scratch:

I played a few games with a Dutch guy whose microphone worked OK. We eventually had a couple fun 4 player games. :) But I'd like some sort of text chat cause not everybody has a headset.