View Full Version : Demo strategys

23rd May 2006, 13:03
Any special moves for the demo?

Can you make swing king's death look like an accident. I used him as a human shield and threw him out the window, but it still said he was murdered. :(

30th May 2006, 01:35
Yeah I've tried different things, throwing him off the railing, onto the first floor barging into his ffice then using him as shield to get one of the goons to shoot at me until he killed Swing King but nothing. Not even if oyu just run through the level:( But I'm assuming this is because it's the training level and they just introduce oyu to the new stuff 47 does. Maybe later on in a strategy guide or something a plan'll come out;) But I'm not much of strategy guides person I try to do it as close as I can if not I go for a guide on the web or something. Btw, you have the PC demo or 360 demo?

2nd Jun 2006, 09:58
Discussion of demo is here with hints&tips inside