View Full Version : a new idea to the SR Kains mountain retreat

22nd May 2006, 10:14
I was just looking back at a few maps of nosgoth I have downloaded the other day, and I noticed a lot of similarities between the wasteland map and the Blood omen one. One thing I noticed was the placement of Turels clan area near Voradors mansion. Lost worlds said you would use the smoke stack there to fly to Kains lair in the mountains. There are only two important areas in the mountains to the north. The first is the nemesis' castle, but that seems a little too far to fly to. The other is directly north. Dark eden.

Both areas are possible locations of Kains mountain retreat. He could have set up his base of operations in Dark eden, and Raziel would've had to traverse that twisted landscape to reach and confront him. And if Kain had found a way to use Dark edens power, Raziel might have even faced the mutants Kain did in Blood omen.

It could just as easily be william the just' castle. It seems the farthest off and would be a perfect place for Kain to find his solitude. Raziel may have had to journey across the mountain side and through the city to reach the castle and defeat him.

This is all just speculation but it's a good lead. There doesn't appear to be any mention of exactly where or what Kains mountain retreat was, so it could be a totally different area. Tell me what you think of these ideas and post your own.

22nd May 2006, 15:49
I don't believe Dark Eden was going to be the site for any of the deleted material in SR. I originally thought that's where Turel's area was situated, because it looks very similar, but the developers told me that wasn't the case.

22nd May 2006, 19:50
Raziel might have even faced the mutants Kain did in Blood omen
Heh. I remember seeing these things in SR2 and thinking it was a great bit of continuity!

As for the ideas - Well. Given that the retreat never actually appeared in the game, it could be anywhere, it doesn't even have to be in the mountains. And while it can be a pre-existing structure, it can also be something put up from scratch, like Raziel's Clan stronghold.

I myself (for the sake of my fan fic, that is :)) put it in Avernus... well, am putting it in Avernus, seeing how I haven't finished writing this chapter yet. That's for a medley of reasons... But none of them make sense outside the story, I think, so there's probably no sense writing them here.

25th May 2006, 04:23
Another idea: Malek's Bastion? I've wondered the same thing about Dumah's place though too (but how it would get to the ground in that case, I have no idea).