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21st May 2006, 16:20
Hey guys,...:)

I have some questions, possible mod-suggestions! :lol:

1.) Can neutral countries take capitols?

2.) Can you fight side by side with another nation in a land/sea battle?

3.) Can these above items, if not excisting already, be made by modification?

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Some else:

In the battlemod v.1.2 all the countries are given research/recourses bonuses. How can I modify (which?) file to give myself some bonuses?:confused:

Tnx in advance

TK :cool:

13th Jul 2006, 14:04
ad 1.) They evidently can't, what's worse though: neutral countries cannot even move their armies through or into a capitol province, which makes wars between most of them totally pointless and also diminishes their function in a defensive alliance, because they never can help when a capitol is under siege.

I understand the design decision that they cannot take over a foreign capitol, because otherwise the definition of empires as main players wouldn't mean a thing and you would end up very confused (cause consequently you would need to see ALL hostility values between each and every country in the interface and a lot of other interface aspects and international rules would not work any more). On the other hand: that they cannot manouver armies through or into a capitol province is a serious design flaw.
Sadly I doubt you could modify this, I assume it is hardcoded, because you only can play for example as Spain (and thereby circumvent the rules concerning it is a neutral country) if you put it in the "logical" spot of one of the existing empires (meaning you always lose one of the existing ones to neutral-country-rules).