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15th May 2006, 22:01
Hello, I was just wondering if there is a nice chart for the folder structure in this game.

I have downloaded a few mods, most of which tell you little or nothig about where to install them, unless of course you are a modder yourself and know the file structure.

For example...

I got a mod for British ships flags. The Readme say to install it in:


Well considering that there is no models folder, and extracting the data.pak did not make a models folder the read me may as well tell me to install in on my neighbors computer down the road.

If it had said c:\Program Files\Pyro Studios\etc etc then it would be a useful readme, as is the directions are not worth the time it took to write them if you are just an end user and do not mod yourself.

So can someone point me to a file structure for these things, and secondly.. if you mod PLEASE make a useful description of where to put the files! A part directory is kinda lazy and no help at all.

Thank you

16th May 2006, 15:05
Well after you extract the the data.pak you should have the models folder.

Models folder is in:

x:\Games\Imperial Glory\models

Basicly the readmes usually assume you start in your base directory of IG, where the exe file is located really.

Forza BIF
17th Jul 2006, 09:14
There is no Models folder in the Imperal Glory Folder after I have extracted version 1.1. I have deleted it and extracted it over again...I have tried to download the patch from other locations and extract it again...and the Models folder is still not there:mad2: What could I do wrong??:confused: Please help me out