View Full Version : Rogue Trooper needs more content!

Judge Rabbi
15th May 2006, 19:27
Content as in MP maps!
I bought the game from play.com last week and finished it pretty quickly. I shall go through it again on the hardest difficulty.
The MP side is waaaay too small. Here, Rebelion have crafted a game that would be killer in co-op MP. There should have been more MP maps! I really do hope Rebelion release a map editor for the game. I have a ton of ideas floating in my head and I really want them to appear in Rogue Trooper.
RT has the gameplay mechanics needed to create something that most MP games just don't include anymore.

So for the love of God release a map editor Rebelion!


17th May 2006, 21:19
Is there a split screen Co-op MP without going online?

18th May 2006, 09:47
Not on the PC Bruce (naturally). Perhaps on one of the consoles though.

I signed up to say that this is without a doubt one of the best games i've played, let alone the best 2000ad game ever to be witnessed. It's left me wanting so much more though!

I would pay in gold bricks, each individually blessed by the pope himself, just to see an expansion pack.

Also I would donate a kidney, dip and leave to soak in a black bean sauce, left to ferment in a smoking oven over a day, and pay Ken Wok to make a delicious stir fry with egg fried noodles with an appurtenant knee-cap sushi, just to feed to your dog, if only to know a map editor could become a reality.

Nice game by the way.

9th Jul 2006, 11:11
BruceWayne']Is there a split screen Co-op MP without going online?

X-box has offline 2 player mode, you work together to wipe out Norts or protect wounded G.i´s.

Has anyone managed to register with the rebellion "Rogue Trooper" site yet?

10th Jul 2006, 12:29
This is a great game and could be absolutely explosive in multiplayer - desperately needs an online community! Maps and editors please Mr Eidos!

An expansion pack would be incredible-:eek:

7th Sep 2006, 07:05
I thought the game story line was very good, the game interface was ok, and the graphics were ok. I thought the missions were good, but I would have like more of them. I seem to get thought these games quicker & quicker. But over all I really like the game, and the music / sounds effects were very good indeed.

Ghost MacRoth
21st Sep 2006, 00:04
I'm loving the game, only got it today, and am hammering into it. Tried the online game too, and apart from being quite empty, what we need is peoples names above them so you can tell if it's a trooper you want to fight side by side with, or that idiot that got you killed last time! Not strictly neccessary, but it would help.