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14th May 2006, 05:14
Ok, I've seen this game and I was thinking of getting it. Yes, I love how you can kill enemies so many ways. The graphics are tight and the controls looks like the feel so smooth. Gameplay also looks tight. My question is Will this game be big? I was some what disappointed with 25 to Life. The Mics were horrible and the controls were sluggish. How are the mics in this game? I also like an online game with a lot of content. How many Maps are in the game? What are the gamemodes for MP Online? How much is the game at release? So if anyone can tell me the low down I would be honored to know more about this game. Mods feel free to post your comments too. Thank You in advance.

15th May 2006, 16:02
i asked this same question a few weeks back. no one has been able to answer me. you would think they would check it at least once a month or something.

come on someone please say something about the game it comes out next week.

15th May 2006, 18:37
Yeah, I posted this a few days ago and still didn't get any answers. :scratch: Makes you wonder!?

Judge Rabbi
15th May 2006, 19:17
I have the PC version of the game (£18 @ play.com)
The game took me about...oooh, 4-5 hours to finish. Not a long game, but its one of those "short but sweet" games.

MP only has 5 maps. 3 "progressive" maps and 2 "stronghold" maps.
In progressive, its you and your mates fighting through Nort troops to get to the end.
In stronghold (my fave) its your team vs an attacking Nort army. The objective (if you want to call it an objective) is to defend an injured GI. The maps are small, but are well suited to intense and fast combat.

Theres a stronghold map where you are in a bombed out bunker in the desert.
Hopper dropships, snipers, strafing runs with rockets and pillboxes constantly hit you from everywhere. Its a real warzone. My fave map out of the small amount given. It really does get hectic!
As for voice comms...I used a third party one with the PC version (Ventrilo.) I have no idea how the in-game one works, but if you ever want to say anything over voip, then it would be "GRENADE! TAKE COVER!"

15th May 2006, 21:11
as stated in the title of this thread, we need info on the ps2 version.

17th May 2006, 21:17
Yeah, they did say each version is were different.

Thank for the info though. WOW 4-5 hrs to complete.