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19th Sep 2013, 08:05
So yesterday while at work my wife called me to say she couldn't get in to FFXIV because her software token was not displaying the one-time password and was instead asking for a registration code again. My first though was to use the token removal site but then remembered we'd forgotten to write down her emergency removal code which is only displayed in her account management.

So I told her it'd have to wait till I got home so I could look at it myself. When I did get home it was plain to see the token had somehow reset itself and was like it had never been activated and we couldn't use the original registration code as that was only valid for 60 minutes. I started to fill with dread as I knew the only option was to contact SE customer services and through all the horror stories that keep getting posted I was not optimistic about getting through to them at 17:30 (BST) considering they close at 18:00.

I grabbed the booklet from the FFXIV box and looked up the number in the back, dial it, pressed 1 for FFXIV and then braced myself for a infinite wait with hold music BUT within less than 20 seconds I was greeted by a very friendly Scottish voice asking how he could help. I even said to him I hadn't expected to get through! So I passed the phone over to my wife to confirm her details, which she did and then passed phone back to me. I explained to the rep what had happened and he simply removed the token from her account so we could get back into her account management and request a new token registration code.

This took all of 5 minutes to get through and resolve the issue, new registration completed and token working again (and emergency token removal code written down!).

So I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to the UK customer support team (can't remember the reps name) for helping resolve the problem so quickly.

I know this has not been everyones experience but I would imagine the contact centre for the states has a vastly greater volume of customers to deal with, but I would highly recommend any UK players to skip raising service tickets and instead call the support centre as our issue was resolved very quickly by very friendly staff :)

19th Sep 2013, 08:29
Careful Hippy, prepare yourself to be labeled a fanboi again. ;)

I've not had to call SE for a couple of years but on the two or three times I've done so since I started playing FFXI in '05 I had nothing but good service. Clearly they're pretty swamped right now and the US CS seems less than awesome, but the EU has always been good for me and it seems others as well.

As for forgetting to make a note of the removal code, clearly many don't then rant and rave when they have problems getting hold of SE to fix the problem the player caused themselves.

19th Sep 2013, 08:33
Nothing fanboi about it, just saying a thank you to the good service I got. I did ask the rep if they had been busy and he said that the majority of calls are from people who had created 2nd accounts etc and registered the game to wrong one but the UK centre doesn't seem to be getting hammered as much as the US one.

19th Sep 2013, 09:32
I live in Norway, if there I customer service i could call to fix my problem?
I lost 2 weeks and I can't get any support, they don't answer my email's request of support and I can't log in to chat with them.
Please help.

19th Sep 2013, 09:44
Hi, I had trouble finding actual contact numbers online, the number I got was from the booklet of my physical copy. So if you have the physical copy then just look in the manual.

20th Sep 2013, 06:45
Yeah it seems they've basically stopped posting their phone number on the web. Time was there was an easily located list of phone numbers for many parts of the EU, and a few like the UK even had freefone numbers. Now I haven't been able to find a single one. Even the 'new' support centre used to have the support number listed after you tried the 'self help' section but now that merely leads to an e-mail contact page.

The only thing I found Googling "square enix telephone" is this:

Wot is the square enix customer support number?

Square Enix, Wimbledon Bridge House, 1 Hartfield Road, London SW19 3RU, United Kingdom

Customer Support T: 858-790-7529 (Wait for initial message to complete and the main menu will begin then Press 3), London Office T: 02086363000, Business T: 02073245200[./quote]

Note sure what the '858' at the start is, but I think it's their US office. The '3000' number would be dialled +44-208-6363000 from outside the UK. I didn't look in my packaging to find the number you used.

20th Sep 2013, 14:18
Just thought I'd update this thread with the number from the manual (UK copy). This is a UK national rate phone number.

0844 7360595 - This is charged at national rate from landlines (charges may vary)