View Full Version : The mods are changing my version!

11th May 2006, 18:39
Hey guys,...:)

New problem:

Onnce I've renamed thoe data and text files to .bak and extracted the folders plyus installing a few mods, my version changes from version 1.1 to 1.0 and it says version 1.1 is already installed :scratch: I've also tried to do this manually, but have been unsuccesfull so far. Strange thing is, is once I've renamed everything back and get rid of the folders, the version comes back.

BUT I NEED BOTH!!! :mad2:

Any suggestions would be appreciated :whistle:

13th May 2006, 12:58
Nobody here kows what too do? Or experienced the same problem? :cool:

20th May 2006, 12:04
Never mind this anyway... I'm enjoying it more wihtout the cheats and with the mods! :)

I espacially think those sound mods are funny! :lol:

20th May 2006, 15:36
Ive had a similiar problem with the blood mod and the patch, seems either one or the other works but not both.:scratch:

27th May 2006, 11:56
Well... I tried to experiment with it a bit, but you get the same results everytime. Either the version is 1.1 and the mods don't work, or the mods work and you've got version 1.0 :scratch:

27th May 2006, 16:14
I got the blood mod, patch and all other mods working.


I got a new HD and kept my old HD as a secondary, so now everything works :lmao:

27th May 2006, 16:20
Hey officerpuppy,...

REALLY?! :eek:

Could you explain it a bit better to me please? What is HD? :o

28th May 2006, 00:36
@the_king: you're so focused on the problem that you don't even get a joke :)
HD = HardDisk, and Officerpuppy now has 2 installations of the game:)

Actually I just found the solution to your pain and suffering:

got 1.1 installed -check
unpack text.pak and data.pak -> v1.0
unpack data1.pak -> v1.1 unpacked !!!
(it will overwrite several files with 1.1 version)

one more thing to mind, if you install mods:
i assume all mods here are generated from v1.0 files, so if you install a mod, check if the changed files it installs have been modified in version 1.1! otherwise you may lose part of the patch :) (just look into data1.pak if you find a file inside which is also part of the mod).

Suggestion to all mod makers: please create your mods for version 1.1 !!!