View Full Version : Problem with sniper (aming)

4th May 2006, 16:54
Does anyone know how to fix the prolem with snikper aiming (right mouse click).
there is sth strange with my view when I press the mouse with right click. The?? view is trembling, shrinking and I can't make a move. And pressin lft alt dosn.t help. What' s going on? Anyone help me, please?:(

6th May 2006, 03:23
maybe your key configuration is the problem, check it, remember the left alt is the key to hold breath, be sure of it in your key config...i think :scratch:

other users will help you, dont worry and stay sharp for some headshots soldier!!!:thumbsup:

-The P@nisher-

7th Jun 2006, 16:57
i heard my dad saying something like that. maybe the problem is created by the view effects in the scope that bends the view a little, and slightly older systems don't get it. I have been playing on the same machine, and I didn't notice anything, so it could be your video settings, GL