View Full Version : how do we change this?

4th May 2006, 13:27
i found out that there is a limit of armies per province....i want to have more armies in a province....how do we mod this? thanks

5th May 2006, 07:25
It's deffintely possible, I cant remember what file it was that should contain the information you seek.

The limit is three with one for reinforcements. I think its possible to make this to five or even six, but I am not sure, I've never changed these figures before, don't know if it works well or not or if at all.

Perhaps someone on here can be of further assitance.:scratch:

21st Jun 2006, 03:33
C:\Program Files\Pyro Studios\Imperial Glory\Game\GameModes\Gestion\Reglas\DefReglasGenerales
find line .MAX_EJERCITOS 3 # Max. numero de ejercitos de un jugador en una provincia
3 is the number of Generals you can move into each province.
I have got 5 to work with no problem.:thumbsup: