View Full Version : Security problem

2nd May 2006, 06:47
Hi everyone,

I get the familiar "a security module couldnt be loaded" error when trying to start the demo, ive uninstalled Daemon. Restarted the comp, and still have the problem. Someone hinted that there might be hidden parts of Daemon tools still left after a uninstall that might be causing the problem, sigh...

Ive already spent too much time trying to get this to work, the time i spent trying to get the demo working would translate to the money i would pay for the full game, as it is now, i cant afford this game. I will stay away from Eidos demos and products in the future seeing as it can be a time sink IE, cost me 2-4 hours of time to try and get their products working.

The gaming industry wants more money, so they use copyright protection that interferes with standar normal computer configurations, resulting in two facts, the once playing on pirated copies of the game, allthough expected will not become new customers due to serveral reasons i cant bother to go in on, and the old paying player base will have to look at other meens of gaming.

Sorry for the whine post, hopefully someone on some company reads mine and others views on the problem and understand that you can acctually go to far with copyprotection, far enough to turn away paying customers.