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mini bini
30th Apr 2006, 11:48
I've completed White Alamo but i cant find the scouts, can anyone who has found the scouts direct me?

Also I'm currently stuck on Wolf's Den, i am out of the lift and i have killed the first officer and and then as i move on i get killed!:mad2:

It may seem stupid and rediculous but i'm really stuck:lmao: PLEASE HELP!:)

Waffen SS
30th Apr 2006, 12:25
Always check the open map(press enter) where you will find the scouts. As far as I can remember, the first stupid is at the left bank of the river. Then move on by the help of the map as it will be updated as soon as new scout comes. :mad2:

Be patient and use stealth. Do not let the enemy know that you are here. Best if you can manage to get a gestapo uniform. Then move on.:lol:

mini bini
30th Apr 2006, 12:44
ok thnx mate ill try them soon;)

mini bini
30th Apr 2006, 13:06
thnx for the advice on the scouts m8 i got em all!

but with the Wolf's Den i don't have the slightest clue wich direction to travell in:mad2:

30th Apr 2006, 14:28
Well, this depends on the difficulty level you are playing... for example in normal level there are less Gestapo officers than in the hard level.

(For hard level)Time your movements. And check the movements of others (guards, gestapo officers) through your radar. Also use keyholes at the beginning. You need to get into the radioroom on the left, where a subofficer is located. To do this you need to bypass a gestapo officer. Be on the lookout, because the moment you start moving all the way to the left, bypassing that radioroom, another gestapo officer will be coming your way. Take out the soldier guarding the door to the radioroom, then the gestapo officer moving to the area around your surroundings, then the subofficer, then the second gestapo officer coming to check on the radioroom. In the radioroom you'll find temporary cover, in order to plan your next movements. No matter where you are, that second gestapo officer will sound the alarm, so take him out with the silenced pistol.

That should get you going...


mini bini
30th Apr 2006, 19:04
btw i do it on easy FTW but thnx for the advice

Waffen SS
1st May 2006, 04:52
Best thing is to follow where the radar indicates.:rasp:

mini bini
1st May 2006, 10:15
trust me i do but that gets me destroyed by the gestapo guys.

2nd May 2006, 02:36
hey mini bini (nice nick) pass this level is not hard, just be patient and follow the radar as other guys said. one thing good to do at the start of the level (played in easy, normal, hard or commando) is kill the first gestapo officer that comes from your left, you see...first open the door and see a guard looking to the baths, dont kill him, just hide in the boxes left to you, and wait for several secs...then a gestapo comes from that direction, hell not see you...hide and wait for him, when he pass near you kill him and put the uniform, the rest is easy, there are one (or more gestapo guys) coming in the same way...its not easy.

if you give me a few days maybe i can make a guide with screenshots for u
be patient and stay sharp:cool:


mini bini
3rd May 2006, 15:11
m8 thnx so much!ts till a bit hard cos im farely new but the screen shots sound swell:D

ps. thnx for thr compliment, i luv the nick name to!

3rd May 2006, 17:08
maybe this weekend the screenshots will be finished:D
first i need to repair some crash with video card with the comandos sf:mad2:
c ya:thumbsup:


18th May 2006, 02:41
hey mini ... finally i fixed mi pc problem ... in few days ill post the pics ??
is that necesary ??? i think you maybe finished the entire game ... :scratch:
im sorry for the late news:whistle:

The P@nisher

mini bini
18th May 2006, 15:21
m8 it's defenatly not late! i tried the level likee 10 times and every time i lost:mad2:

28th May 2006, 02:38
:D hey mini!!! i finished the walkthrough, its worked in microsoft word ... the size is almost 7.50 mb ...its ok to post it here?? its would be cool post it here but i dont have any idea of how ...:scratch: or maybe i can send u via email?? i dont know, you want it anyway???

there are a lot of pics ... a loooooot of pics, i hope you answer, bye bye:cool:

mini bini
28th May 2006, 16:40
i really want it so:
you could post it here by using photo bucket but it'll only be the pics


you CAN send it to me via e-mail. my address is bengrantcalc@googlemail.com

29th May 2006, 02:45
great, ill send the document to your email, maybe monday or tuesday, and maybe you can post it here. i worked on it all past saturday, i hope its enough good for u:)


PD: what means your username???:scratch:

mini bini
29th May 2006, 11:47
ok m8 ur thnx alot:D

and my nick name (mini bini) is a shorter version of mini binladin, i've used mini binladin in many multiplayer games (cs:s, dod:s and more). But i ahve beem asked to change it on multiplayer csf many times because it is "offencive". So i simpley took of binladin and replaced it with bini. simple:lmao:

30th May 2006, 02:54
The file is already in your mail, check it out:)
thanks for the nickname explanation:cool:

c ya

The P@nisher

mini bini
30th May 2006, 14:49
ye i know it's in my mail i got it yesterday and it rocks! (bit long tho;))

31st May 2006, 03:23
ok, tell me when you pass the level, i hope the pics and the text help you
excuse me for the size of it, i know 80 papers are too much

The P@nisher:cool:

mini bini
6th Jun 2006, 17:23
thanks so much mate.:D :nut:

7th Jun 2006, 09:46
Why are you having a problem with Wolfs Den? it's not that hard, even on commando level, this trick should do: get out of the elevator, through the corridir, and open the door (suppose you run). then go through the door, and sneak behind the boxes to the right. kill the guard there with the piano thingie, and then you got the guys gun: mp40. start killing everybody on sight, and when you get hurt (if you do, that is) just take cover and press 'H'
this ain't so hard, or what? There is a bonus mission with the secret objects, they are in a radio room, a library (fixed open door in the corner) and one in the barracks (with the beds, in one of the lockers)

the scouts of WA can be found by the background: every time one appears, there is a little PIP showing the scout, just look across the river and find the same background, select your sniper, zoom in, look for the scout, use slowmode and then shoot him, easy huh?

15th Jun 2006, 17:50
dont worry he got a entire document :cool: tx anyway

mini bini
28th Jun 2006, 18:52
ye thnx bote of ya