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17th Sep 2013, 07:33
I have seen many account creation/registration systems, I've even registered for special security clearance with the US government online, and nothing I've had to deal with in any system has been as difficult as simply registering an account with square enix so i could play FFXIV. The fact that they require you to create an account to buy the game which has absolutely no bearing on the game at all seems almost like extra red tape and bureaucracy has been thrown in simply because it can. After awhile I started to think either Squeanix did not want people to play their game, or they only wanted the most determined people, those who are willing to sift through multiple FAQs and forums posts to finally find the 1 gem of info that tells you what to do. No where in purchasing, downloading, or installing does the system even mention the necessity of having a completely separate account just to log in to the game. The one-time password on log in makes no sense in the context of first logging in and there is nothing that explains its purpose or that it is completely optional.

To confound all of this apparently somewhere in purchasing the game, or making an account for this site, solely so i could purchase the game, Squeanix decided to create an account for me on the other site, the one you need to play the game, using my information from here with a seemingly random login name and password. This of course created a nightmare when i figured out my need of this other site, and tried to log in with that already used information. I've now spent over 3 hours just trying to log in to the damn game so i can spend several hours downloading the accursed thing.

I thank god i did not close the window showing my purchasing info because none of that was actually sent to me via email, and had i done so I would have lost the registration codes required to register the game. Which is yet one more thing that is required for you to be able to play the game, which is not done through the game itself but through the separate site, of which nothing is mentioned at all, unless you dig around there for some time.

I would never have thought anyone could actually make a registration system this difficult to navigate, and I will definitely tell anyone who asks about FFXIV about the nightmare they can expect in just being able to get access to it.

18th Sep 2013, 03:22
I had so much trouble just registering for this site I am going to give up on buying the game and trying to figure out how to get the game to work.

18th Sep 2013, 12:59
The account system definately requires some work. Here is my story hopefully someone from Square Enix CS department actually reads this, enjoy.

I already had a 'members account' from registering tomb raider, so I purchased the FFXIV digital download using that. Problem was I didn't have a 'Square Enix account' and you can't even download the game without one. So I attempted to create one, this is where my problems started. I got an email with the game purchase details (this is great as I really need a record of my transactions). MAJOR PROBLEM, the square enix account system restricts emails to ONE that is right ONE email every 24 hours to the same email address. So it absolutely refused to let me create a new square enix account because it had "already sent me an email".
Weird Email System Restriction - Please Fix (Maybe allow up to 3 emails every 24 hours?)

That night after attempting to create an account using two different register pages on Square Enix and the FFXIV launcher, I attempted to open a chat support ticket (I'm in a different time zone to eu).

The chat ticket queue system doesn't show an estimated handling time or the longest current waiting time (information that might be used to at least guess how long you will be in the queue) it only shows your position in queue and the average wait time. That's Ok, I thought to myself, its just a chat queue right. I can do other things while waiting. Which I did for about two hours (youtubes handy like that) until I was #1 in the queue, that's right number 1. About ten minutes after I became the next person to be served in the queue the chat queue was closed at the end of their day.

It did give me the (consolation prize) button to open an email ticket, however they needed me to type everything into another form.............I mean really, after all that you can't even prefill the form?

Why doesn't the (open an email ticket) button just use the information out of the existing chat ticket OR you could drain the chat queue an hour before closing OR automatically submit the email ticket without me having to even click the consolation prize button.
Fix the Chat Queue Closed Consolation Email Ticket button

Also many of the links from the square enix account management site that link back to the square enix members site return a 404.

27th Sep 2013, 23:12
I am so glad there has already been a thread made for this issue. I have never in my life been so confounded and frustrated by a registration process, I could have just cried.

I bought the game and got an email that provided a link to register the account, even though I had to make an account just to order. When I clicked the link all I got was a 401: Page Not Found error. No way to register, thus begun this ODYSSEY that was installing this game.

I had to create and account on this website, and then fill out a profile with the Game Code I got in my eMail. Sure, easy enough. I have FFXIV registered on this account - but my launcher said my account was not registered!

My boyfriend had already bought the game so we thought maybe it needed to be reinstalled. Sure, that happens. So I did, and guess what, it did not fix the issue - - - I'm redownloading everything now, which is very frustrating because I bought the game myself so that I could play with a friend and now I'm waiting 1.5-2 hours just to install the game and he will already have logged out and we won't be able to play - he had been waiting for me all this time! I am so disappointed by this.

But that's not all! My account still was not registered, so I checked the email and registered and two more SE websites. Nope! Still not registered!

Finally, I went through the PS3 page and confirmed my code there, even though there was no indication of whether or not I was adding a code for a PS3 or Windows. I took a shot, and that worked, after 2 hours of my trying to sort all this out.

Oh, and for this stage of the registration, unlike this website which asked for the activation code, the actual website that I had to dig through Google for asked for the SKU NUMBER. What is that about? In every retail store I've ever been in, the SKU CODE is used to scan, categorize and keep track of product. I have never used a SKU NUMBER to do anything but pay for products, let alone register any games.

Each website is ambiguous, vague, and extremely user-unfriendly. I could not believe the incompetence of a company as large as SE, especially since I have been playing these games since the days of Squaresoft. Whoever put together these websites should lose their job, it is the most jumbled up mess I have ever had to deal with.

And whoever decided there should be multiple websites, with multiple codes, and multiple logins? Well, there is a special place in the Seventh Hell for whoever came up with that.

29th Sep 2013, 20:26
Adding another highly irritated voice. Multiple registrations required and I had to basically Google how to find my Square Enix ID (which was created automatically for me and never once actually shown to me, causing a good half an hour of irritation and a good five or six password resets). Most ridiculous registration of any MMO I've ever played - and I've played just about every US-released MMO since UO.

Fix this, fast. I was so pissed off I almost called my credit card company to have them cancel the transaction. It's almost as if you're intentionally trying to prevent people from being able to play this game for some sadistic reason.

Additional note: the very final step once I actually DID get in asked me to enter a "registration code". The purchase e-mail I received for the digital copy gave me two codes, a "Serial Number/Product Code" and a "Member Registration Code". So, which do you think needed to be entered into the "registration code" field? Member Registration Code? NOPE, guess again! It was the Serial Number/Product Code.

I'd suggest hiring some English speakers to handle your translations, and then hiring some US front-end developers to handle your User Experience instead of whatever Indian sweat shot produced this cluster****.


30th Sep 2013, 19:25
Wow, you are all lucky. Going on day three for me, including 2.5 hours in chat queue only to be informed, once I reached number one, that there are no representatives available and to try back later.

They have my money, but still have not found the way to my registration code so I can enter that alpha-numerical number into the game and play. I've created an account on this site (with the name I chose and the randomly added number they put on it). I've registered it, but again, when I try to log onto the "official game site" it tells me that I have not registered and go back to this site and register.....still no game code.

Obviously they are not going to help, so if there is anyone that can either direct me to where I find the game code, or how to get a refund, I would greatly appreciated.

Drinking heavily......

1st Oct 2013, 19:59
Managed to get everything registered but found that was only part of the frustration, unless I get something very useful from support tomorrow Ill be uninstalling and contacting CC co to ensure that no further payments are made

19th Nov 2013, 00:37
another thread and no answers or responses from even an admin....... Im done wasting time have fun with this site......

26th Nov 2013, 08:31
Tbh, the support and the site here are worst than EA.

9th Dec 2013, 15:52
Same issue... I've opened a claim with PayPal (how I payed for my order) as it's become so confusing to even register the game that I've decided I've been taken advantage of. I'm done with this.

26th Dec 2013, 16:59
This is a nightmare. My bank account doesnt have this many passwords and confusing crap. VERY FRUSTRATING.

26th Jan 2014, 05:43
This site is such a mess (even the SE Store), it's like navigating a maze and the doors are all locked with hard to find keys!

26th Feb 2014, 04:03
Dear Square Enix.
I came here to express my displeasure for having to register on your website and share personal (birthday/country) data in order to play one of your games. I understand that this is the way you choose to do business, but I (as a customer) do not like that one bit.



6th Jun 2017, 21:22
I agree with others here. Setting up an account and getting it to work on the PS4 is far to complicated. I don't want to wait an entire 24 hours to be sent another email. I want to complete the registration but the email doesn't provide a link to entire the code...and I've lost where to do that on the PS4. Get it together guys. You make make beautiful games. Surely you can create a better registration process.