View Full Version : No square formation?

27th Apr 2006, 00:10
Hi i just got the game and for some reason I cannot use the square formation yet. It's in the tutorial but when i play the camp. i can only use column and line. any help would be great


27th Apr 2006, 09:04
You need to research it before you can use it. Can take a while :)

27th Apr 2006, 09:06
hi m8,
This isn't a problem with the game so don't worry, it's just that the formation isn't unlocked until you research some infantry advances in your tech tree. If I recall right it's the second column of advances from the left that includes square formation ability.
hth dude.

27th Apr 2006, 09:07
dang ...
@m beat me to it lol :)

27th Apr 2006, 22:14
thanx all. Was getting worried there for a second!!!