View Full Version : distorted sound - any ideas please?

26th Apr 2006, 21:37
This is for Tomb Raider Legend on PC-DVD

hey guys, right basically as soon as the menu screen appears (and it continues in-game) I have a rough distorted noise coming from my speakers over the game sound. Pretty bad, enough for me to not play the game! :mad2:

It did it from day 1, and after v1.1 patch too. I have just updated video and soundcard drivers too to no avail.

Any ideas please?? :scratch:

P4 3.2ghz HT
Windows XP SP2
Nvidia Gforce 6600
Soundblaster LIVE 24-bit soundcard
Kingston 1GB Ram

Thanks in advance!

3rd May 2006, 01:05
Kenny: I'm having the same problem. Lots of in-game crackling in the sound. Plus, every time I hit a "checkpoint," the graphics in the game slow way up. Are you having that problem, too? If anyone finds a solution, please email me. I tried reducing sound acceleration and increasing virtual memory, but to no avail.