View Full Version : I want to demand it from the Imperial Glory staff.

26th Apr 2006, 01:34
I want to demand it from the Imperial Glory staff. :)

I always played a game and thought that something was insufficient, but understood it.

It's a I want you to add Historic Battles in a patch form (As an additional mission) at least as for 5 mission more.

In there being considerably a battle of Napoleon force.

I think a there is too few it only in the present mission Besides because a mission editor is not attached.

Imperial Glory staff please reply it and I want you to grant hope.

26th Apr 2006, 05:05



26th Apr 2006, 13:34
Thanks reply officerpuppy. :)

I think strange it about Historic Battles 2.

It's a install at directory I'm done unpacked Each folder already.

but with Readme of Historic Battles 2

To Install:

Place the files inside the folder 05 into:


I think wrong directory at /Escensrios/ ?

My directory become IG/Game/GameModes/Batalla/Escenarios/

File constitution of 05 folders is considerably different, too ?

I add it, and will a file be good?

27th Apr 2006, 09:37
if you are ever unsure that what you are doing is safe for the original files then make a backup before you replace anything ;)

that way you won't break the game and can always put the original files back in place. hth dude.