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26th Apr 2006, 01:23
Well, first off let me explain how I think the "Save" feature
is supposed to work.
Before anyone pipes up and says "You do realise that loading
a save game only starts you at the last checkpoint",
Yes! I do realise this.

For me, however, I could NOT use the "Save" function. The ONLY
way the game was "saving" my progress was with the "autosave"
or "checkpoint".

Therefore, from the Main Menu, BEFORE any game was started,
the "Load Game" feature was greyed out. The ONLY way to
continue a game was selecting the "Continue Game".

Let's say for example that after I completed an area I had
not collected all of the collectables and wanted to load a
game from a prior "checkpoint" without neccesarily re-playing
the whole area. I could NOT because I was unable to do a Save.
Bringing up the "Save" simply had an empty list, the sound
would buzz and hitting Enter did nothing.

Well, here is how I got it to work:

Since the "autosave" or "Checkpoint" seemed to be working,
I figured it must be generating a file somewhere. And, in fact,
it was. It was located in "My Documents" under the sub-folder
called "\Tomb Raider - Legend\" and the file was called

NOTE: this is under the "Tomb Raider - Legend" folder,
NOT "Tomb Raider - Legend\Saved Games".

So, I copied the "autosave.dat" file to the following folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\Windows Logon Name\My Documents\
Tomb Raider - Legend\Saved Games
(Substitute your name for "Windows Logon Name")

I copied that file, I did NOT move it, it is still in it's
original location also.

Then, I re-named the COPY, under "C:\Documents and Settings\
Windows Logon Name\My Documents\Tomb Raider - Legend\Saved
Games" to "1.dat"

I then repeated this 9 more times so that I have the
following files located in
"C:\Documents and Settings\Windows Logon Name\My Documents\
Tomb Raider - Legend\Saved Games"


Now, in the game when I bring up the pause menu and hit
"Save", it lists all of the above files and if I click on
one of them it asks me if I want to overwrite, and I select
yes, and it says "Save Complete"!!

And, now that I have created 2 save games, I have the
following files located in "C:\Documents and Settings\
Windows Logon Name\My Documents\Tomb Raider - Legend\
Saved Games"

01.58.43 - Bolivia - 1%.dat
02.12.06 - Peru - 11%.dat

Also, I still have the file "autosave.dat" in the following
"C:\Documents and Settings\Windows Logon Name\My Documents\
Tomb Raider - Legend\".

Now, from the Main Menu, before any game is started, I can
either select "Continue Game" to continue from my last
checkpoint OR I can select "Load Game" and pick from ANY
"Saved" checkpoint.

I think the Game Developers forgot to put in the
"Place Holders" for the "Save" feature to work properly.

Actually, I only copied the "autosave.dat" file and renamed
it 10 times, to have 10 "Saved" checkpoints but it could,
theoretically, be done as many times as you have hard
drive space.

The key here is, the game needs these "*.dat" files in the
right folder as place holders, or when the "save" feature
is clicked it won't work.

I hope this is able to help someone else.

Sorry for the long post. Maybe a patch will come that will
totally negate all of this, but for now at least I can get
back to actually playing the game!

Bye for now...

19th May 2006, 14:09
My problem is not quite the same where I can save games but % mark always stays at 0% and when I try and load the game it takes me back to the last checkpoint :mad2: The time stamp on the saved game is correct so I'm lost as to what the problem is....

Can anyone help?


21st May 2006, 23:19
How far along are you in the game?

The saves do, by design, only take you to the
last checkpoint PRIOR to where you did the save.
So, that part is normal.

This system does allow you to re-load ANY save,
so you'd be advised to do the saves IMMEDIATELY
when you see "checkpoint" on the screen.

As far as the %, well I'm not sure. Are you past the
first or second level, maybe you are right at the beginning
and it really is only 0%.

Maybe something else is wrong.

Have a look in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Windows Logon Name\My Documents\
Tomb Raider - Legend\Saved Games
(Substitute your name for "Windows Logon Name")

to see what the actual file names are of your saved games.
You should see something like this:

01.58.43 - Bolivia - 1%.dat
02.12.06 - Peru - 11%.dat

You may have more, but notice the one for Bolivia is
only 1%.

Are you still in Bolivia? If so, maybe not too far along
and the 0% may be right.

If you are past Bolivia, I'd say something else is wrong.
If so, I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you on that.

Wish I could be more help.

I am sure, though, that the Direct2Drive or Trymedia
versions of this game are a little "bugged".

I have the Direct2Drive version.

These are full versions purchased on-line and downloaded.

They are "supposedly" the same as the CD\DVD versions,
but I know they do have their own "special" bugs not
found in the CD\DVD versions.

Best of luck,
bye for now.

2nd Jan 2007, 17:44
I can't believe this. I've had Tomb Raider - Legend since the day it was released on PC.

I could not for the life of me figure why my saves were not working properly (i.e. I would save, and when I reload it would take me to my last check point)...

Well, now I know the trick. But, if I get to the check point, I need to save at once, right? So, if I have to restart the game, it will take me to that same spot, and I should not have lost anything. So, what the 'real' point of giving me a save option? :eek:

12th Jan 2009, 21:31
New forum guy here. Old gamer tho'. Hi Ya !
Wow a two year old thread, glad I found it. But my problem is a little reversed from the original post.
My TRLegend was first installed on my XP back in 07. I have since moved the saved game files to a Laptop with Vista when I loaded Legend there.
TR-Legend/SavedGames folder from XP Desktop - now on Vista Laptop
03.29.45 - Peru - 13%.dat
04.09.50 - Peru - 13%.dat
05.45.13 - Japan - 24%.dat
06.02.42 - Japan - 24%.dat
06.40.33 - West Africa - 35%.dat

I didn't know to copy and bring over the autosave.dat file in the original TRLegend folder on the XP and place it in the same place on the Vista
TR-Legend Folder autosave.dat

So, Legend doesn't know these 5 save files exist 'cause the option to load 'in game' is greyed out.
Is it because I didn't bring the autosave.dat file over with these other five?
Do I have ANY option to make these work?

It doesn't seem that the solution given earlier in the thread will help me. It seems that the autosave.dat file compares last checkpoint saved and the checkpoint in the saved file list for a match to load that progress point.
Since I didn't copy the autosave.dat file from the XP machine, there is no progress match between the autosave in Vista and the XP files I brought over.:scratch:

Am I close? Is there no hope but to REALLY start over? :hmm:

Thanks, great place to visit too. I might think about loading some older TR games. I really liked TRChronicles.

16th Jan 2009, 18:41
I'm not sure I understand what you mean, but try this:
Start a new game and play untill you get a checkpoint. Save it.
The game should create now a folder with an autosave.dat and a profile file (is it .dat, I don't remember).
Then, put your savegames in that folder and see if it works.
You should normally be able to load your saves.