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25th Apr 2006, 16:25
Hi, i recently got the game and i am having a damn hard time to play it.
Reason is when i move Lara forward she sometimes doesn't stop running, she keeps walking, even if i am not pushing forward,

plzzz can someone enlight me what in the world is going on??
Its for PC,

25th Apr 2006, 16:47
Do you have a joystick connected? Try and unplug it.

25th Apr 2006, 17:35
nope, no joystick,

25th Apr 2006, 22:23
I too had problems with the controls being slow. Sometimes it would be Ok. Sometimes it would be slower than death. Even the mouse cursor would move jerky in the game menus. I thought that the game was such a hugh resource hog and that even a nVidia GeForce 7900GT video card wasn't enough horsepower.

In my case the lack of control response was caused by the game (trl.exe) being assigned "High" priority. Check in your Windows Task Manager under the Processes tab. Resetting the priority to normal fixed it for me. But I had to reset it everytime I started the game.

Also eveytime I clicked on the shortcut to start the game it took at least 15 seconds before the game would begin to launch. My brother's computer took only about 5 seconds and the priority would be set to "Normal" for him. Anyhow, to make a long story somewhat short. The reason for the long launch times and priority being set to "High" ended up being caused by my optical drive. I swapped out my Pioneer drive for a Nec that I had. The problems are gone. It even seems like my framerates improved. That doesn't make any sense because I believe that the game runs exclusively from the hard drive. Now, what so "special" about my Pioneer drive? I'm guessing that the Securom security program doesn't like my drive and is setting the priority to "High". Why? Maybe because I reflashed the drive to be a region free DVD player. I didn't try the game before I changed the drive's firmware. All I know is it works fine now, although I'm still getting a GeForce 7900GTX card with the 512M of vram to minimize some video studdering.

Good luck,

26th Apr 2006, 06:20
tnx a lot man :)

i will try that, to see if the game is set to HIGH and i hoooooooope it will fix the game,
also i seriously need to get my self a new gfx card.

27th Apr 2006, 15:06
tnx a lot man :)

also i seriously need to get my self a new gfx card.

You really need something like the X800~X850 or faster ideally, or GF 6800 series or faster.

I would say an X1800 on the ATI side and GF 7800 on the Nvidia side would be ideal.

I played it on a X800 Pro with no problems.

27th Apr 2006, 21:21
WOW, it works, VERY NICE, tnx m8

yah i play with res 800x600