View Full Version : Hope this is not a repeat....CHECK THIS OUT

25th Apr 2006, 02:24
wow...ED need to make cinemas like this :P....real stuff though...not cartoons :p...


25th Apr 2006, 08:21
Well! that's really a piece of art :thumbsup: but i can't help myself at the laughing part. Any suggestions on how to control it? :D(nevermind) That stuff sure is great man. Eidos for sure must try out the movies and stuff too;) :D Man i'm freaked out the way it's made:eek: , i mean look at the scion of balance he looks as funny as his freaki'n chin and am in no condition to comment on the Angel of Death:D lol, watch it for your self.:D

25th Apr 2006, 18:57
the interesting thing is the combat style here. Instead of just one or two moves...it would be kewl to see a movie like this made with the real LOK models and lol...the tomb raider legend engine. :D

22nd Jun 2006, 00:42
Ahh... This one was just so cool :D The explosion's are just amazing!

Squint-eyed Sniper
22nd Jun 2006, 10:10
Wow, good thing...have 3 things to say:
one, Raziel is 3x better designed then Kain...why:confused:
two, lol...one part was taken from star wars...(I think :| )
and threee...funny, I recognise the music its from an other game (Disciples II) a strategy game with elves and all other mystical creatures...didnt knew it would go well with LoK :thumbsup:

22nd Jun 2006, 10:17
Music, with a tempo like that, in a strategy game!? :scratch:

23rd Jun 2006, 07:58
Man, this is a fan-made movie, guys. What's with all of the criticisms on their art style? If it’s so laughable, make a better one…The movie was very well done and yes, it's been around for quite some time now.

Squint-eyed Sniper
24th Jun 2006, 09:51
Music, with a tempo like that, in a strategy game!? :scratch:
Well yeah...but its not a real time strategy...it more of a turn based game....