View Full Version : Two issues with the demo

24th Apr 2006, 23:04
Hi all,

I just downloaded the demo and I have two issues.

1. I can't assign the arrow keys for movement instead of WASD, it just ignores them, nothing happens.

2. The Next Gen option isn't enabled and the ReadMe says there should be an update after April 7th to enable this but I can't find anything. I have GF7800GT.



24th Apr 2006, 23:44
Yeah, that Next Gen demo patch was complete fraud to the public. It never happened.

24th Apr 2006, 23:54
Then how can they expect people to buy the game???:eek:


25th Apr 2006, 04:07
Maybe we should give them the benifit of the doubt... I didn't mean to sound negative against Eidos or Crystal Dynamics. Perhaps there was problems that prevented the release of the Next Gen demo patch.

The full version has too many to count including performance issues.

I'm guessing it will come with the release of the next full version patch.

**If Eidos or CD would RESPOND to their forums, guessing wouldn't be necessary.

26th Apr 2006, 09:59
If they would have included 'next gen' in it's current state w/ the demo, myself and several thousand other people would not have purchased the game. I have 0% doubt that they omitted this even after their early April promise date because of it's crippling affect on the game.