View Full Version : XBOX: Freeze on England level after serpent

24th Apr 2006, 19:23
I'm playing Legend on an XBOX.

After the serpent fight you, and after the serpent almost gets you a second time, there is a lever and a gate. I pull the lever and the gate opens. The moment I step across that threshold, the game freezes.

Any thoughts, suggestion, ideas, etc.?

24th Apr 2006, 23:54
hmmm odd i have it on xbox and it runs fine all the way thru.....somethings u can try.....turn off xbox and try again (sure u prob done that already).....check to see if the disk is clean.....use a lense cleaner disk on the xbox.....p.s. if u had ur xbox for along time (like since it came out) its possible ur dvd drive doesnt like the game.....i have 3 xbox's.....1 with a tompson drive......one with a samsung drive.....and one with a philips drive.....the one with the tompson drive is the oldest.....with some games its fine but with otheres it loads slow and some games it doesnt even read.....another possibility is it could be what happened to one of mine.....i had to send it bk to microsoft and it come back with all new parts except for the power supply and the control ports.....but before it went back it was crashing and performing slow and not reading disks all the time.....on the other hand it could just be a faulty game......if you have access to another xbox u cud try it on that or if ur xbox is "modded" you could copy it to the xbox drive and see if it works from there any better.

26th Apr 2006, 23:32
It is none of that.
I have a 1 week old 360 and it does the same thing. The game has also been in the 360 for the entire time I have had it(1 week).
I tried saving it three different places after killing the monster but it still freezes. It freezes up the whole system too, not just the game.
26 year gamer with 20+ consoles and I have never had this happen.