View Full Version : London/Cages...bug?

23rd Apr 2006, 23:19
Hello all.
One of the cages refuses to drop from the ceiling. I have tried everything...even restarting the entire level. Is there a fix for this?
please help...i would like to continue the game.

24th Apr 2006, 02:12
ok still trying.......the last cage on the back right (my right) will not fall....all the others work. I have tried over and over again....any one else know of or have this problem?

24th Apr 2006, 02:48
so basicly im screwed....i cant restart the level only the entire game?....you have to be kidding me....

24th Apr 2006, 07:55
Hi Harsaphes,

Why don't you just restart the level? I'm assuming you have other save slots for previous levels don't you? Are you using it on the PC? If so, I didn't have any problems with the cages in the London level. Are you making sure that the creature gets distracted by the ringing and then you shoot the cage to drop? I've had the problem before where I have got it distracted then it has taken me a while to get to shoot the cage, by which time its focus has returned to Lara.

Hope that helps,