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23rd Apr 2006, 12:26
Can anybody get Next Gen to run on their PC - Surely it must work on my PC

-nVidia Ge Force 7300LE with Pixel Shader 3 (512MB)
-Intel Pentium D 3.00GHz
-XP Pro
-Latest nVidia Drivers
-Patched 1.1

It isn't just choppy on mine, it takes 5 minuted to move the cursor - somehting cant be right, i've tried taking off full screen antialiasing, running at 1024x768 but it is simply not playable - does anyone know if there are any additional settings on the system that need to be changed?

It plays fine without Next Gen and Full Screen Anti Aliasing????

Gutted, being waiting for ages - played every single one and really wanted to play this at best resolution!!

Any ideas?

23rd Apr 2006, 13:43
there is something wrong with the next gen option, apparently it activate some unnecessary and strange settings. Look for a thread from this guy who found out how to activate next gen features through windows registry, without performance loss

23rd Apr 2006, 14:26
Thanks Tolkien - but which guy?

24th Apr 2006, 15:21
Yep. I have an overclocked 7800GT and it runs like c**p with 'Next Gen' enabled. Not pleased.

The game looks awesome with it enabled but the stuttering just ruins the game. With it disabled, it looks a bit 'cartoony'.

Many people have said that version 84.43 of the nVidia drivers fix it, but I'm already using that version and I can tell you they don't.

So if anyone finds this thing about registry hacks, let us know please.


24th Apr 2006, 20:12
Your graphics-card is crap.

24th Apr 2006, 21:49
Check out this link:
Enable Dev Menu options (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=61930)

25th Apr 2006, 04:37
Your graphics-card is crap.

I hope you're not refering to Discordia666's video card....

25th Apr 2006, 08:57
Your graphics-card is crap.

Well, about all you could expect from someone with a name like Caveman.

I sussed out the registry entry for myself. It wasn't hard. But, of course, all it does is enable 'Next Gen' exactly as if you had enabled it from the game menus. So it still runs badly. Not too suprising, really.

25th Apr 2006, 13:33

Did you install the 84.43 drivers? I'm running on a 7900 GT, but the game runs very well for me with those drivers, and they might help you, too.

Silent Shark
25th Apr 2006, 14:03
A 7300 is a very low end card tbh.

If you've bought that for gaming, you've been had.

I have a 7800GT and it's playable, and only really suffers in large outdoor areas.

25th Apr 2006, 14:10
7300 Card - you're right - I've been had - should have checked before I bought a famous brand PC!!! I'll have to upgrade it

25th Apr 2006, 15:26
I was of course referring to marcus! DUH!