View Full Version : Hey, where is this place?

23rd Apr 2006, 10:25
:confused: :confused:
Last night, I finished TRL, but I don't know this place
I've already seen it before in trailers and on some other fan'TRL sites.
And in the trailers I saw her using Bazoka, so where is it? What's happening to them?

23rd Apr 2006, 10:32
I think every game gets released sort of "unfinished" just like movies do. That's why we all buy the director's cut of movies; half of the film ends up on the cutting room floor. I imagine it's the same with games. Some areas/ideas get snipped out due to time constraints or plot or whathaveyou. I think it's too bad, really. It is always nicer to have more. Or, "you can never have enough of a good thing." ;)

L Croft
23rd Apr 2006, 10:32
As far as we know it was left out of the full game. Probably due to lack of time. Its a pity as it looks like a fun room. :)

23rd Apr 2006, 11:21
hmmmm i wonder if that bull thing comes alive and tries to squish her.....my guess is it was supposed to be part of legend but they didnt have time so it will be part of the next one

23rd Apr 2006, 11:47
i read in a thread about an interview with morgan gray that that was part of a level they designed for testing and that it didn't fit in with the rest of the game. if i find the link i'll post it

got it :D :http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=58265

23rd Apr 2006, 11:50
In All the TR forums people are talking about the possible next TR edition or wanting Expansions the same as Settlers have successfully done twice.
This is probably (I'm only guessing) why the writers of TR are under pressure to get a new game out as soon as possible & have to make cuts where ever they can irrespective of ideas which could have turned out good, or in some cases quality.
All the whiners & *****ers & in some cases foul mouthers about TR7 will do it all again & it would be them causing the pressure to publish as fast as possible.:D ;)