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16th Jul 2012, 23:35
I've been a long time Kingdom Hearts fan since just before Kingdom Hearts II came out in the States. I have played through the first and second games, as well as the Re: Chain of Memories game.

When I saw the E3 preview of the new game coming up at the end of this month, I thought it would be nice to do a podcast in anticipation of Dream Drop Distance. However, I knew that before I did the recording, I would need to finally beat Birth By Sleep on the PSP and unlock the game's secret ending.

It took me 30+ hours to beat the game on Proud Mode, the better part of 2 weeks playing whenever I had the chance, but I beat it and unlocked the final ending and then the secret ending. Shortly afterwards, victory achieved, I recorded this podcast. It serves as my own personal retrospective of the Kingdom Hearts games, an explanation of the game's stories, and since I interviewed the voice actor for Winnie the Pooh, Darkwing Duck, and tons of others this past weekend anyway, I tossed in a behind the scenes factoid or two from that.

Feel free to give it a listen! (http://gamexcess.net/2012/07/16/kingdom-hearts-podcast/)

21st Jul 2012, 22:40

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