View Full Version : *possible spoiler* stuck in Japan

22nd Apr 2006, 20:42
JAPAN - Meeting with Takamoto
Climbing up the building -

"You will need to grab the pole ahead, climb to the top and use some horizontal poles. They fall after a few seconds, so you need to be quick. Jump to grab the pole and climb up. It will start falling when you reach the top. Quickly jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing and use the rest three quickly to reach the balcony."

Tired of trying! Could someone send me the "check point or save game" right after this?

Please! :(

22nd Apr 2006, 20:48
I'm sorry, but I don't have any checkpoints or saves at that point. Since you're talking about savegames I presume you're playing on a PC??? Have you tried tapping the Interaction key('E' by default) to make Lara climb faster???

22nd Apr 2006, 21:41
Hi, I restarted my last save and somehow could only load into an earlier level. I went to tombraiderchronicles.com and found a saved game which started in about the same area where I was when I messed up. You can also load a saved game just after the area which is giving you trouble. Give it a try.

22nd Apr 2006, 22:47
What is the problem? Do the vertical or horizontal poles fall before you can proceed? If it's the vertical pole, I suggest you increase your climbing speed by pressing the 'Use' key while climbing so Lara jumps up the pole like a wild monkey. I doubt it's the horizontal ones, because you can do an extra swing before they fall down if you wish.