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22nd Apr 2006, 19:11
:D I have to say that was an amazing game, couldn't have completed it without some help from a walkthrough and some forum buddies but yipee! I remember playing the first one and I hated it and have avoided all tombraider games since, but I dicided to rent this one out and boy did I enjoy it, I'm going back to rent some more!!!
However I don't understand everyones problem with the last baddie, some of the other baddies were harder!
Just had to get my feelings out there,

THANK YOU EIDOS!:thumbsup:

22nd Apr 2006, 19:15
Yeah I couldn't play the first TR game one either cos of the graphics so the first TR game i played was the The Angle of Darkness which was fantastic. I only played the demo for this TRL and i really like it so am gona buy it soon.

22nd Apr 2006, 20:02
Yeah....TRL owns :)

22nd Apr 2006, 23:41
I finished the game today as well. I really enjoyed it, apart from a few annoying things (like the Britney's Dancebeat-style action sequences and the annoying duo on the radio), and the game looks very good with all the settings on max. I did it without any help from walkthroughs or anything, but I didn't always see what I had to do to advance. But even though I often didn't see the big picture, I usually saw where to go and what to interact with, which lead me to finish the puzzle without having a plan ;)

22nd Apr 2006, 23:53
a walkthrough.....why.....lara and the guys practically tell u what to do....so does the game by tellin u when u can swing and stuff.....also the game is short enough as it is without using a walkthough....dont get me wrong its a cool game.....i'm doing the time trials atm:p

23rd Apr 2006, 03:43
I used a walk through to find some of the secrets. I would use that after I beat that mission. And there were a lot of areas and things that did not have any tips. Which was good.