View Full Version : the end of fmv as we know it?

22nd Apr 2006, 17:45
i always was a big fan of fmv (full motion video) in games but since playing legend on xbox 360 i am starting to think is it needed anymore.

the cut scenes are so suberb and beat a lot of fmv that i have seen.

in many games the characters on the fmv dont actually look like the characters you control but legend has changed that.

so what do the rest of you think, with the advent of next gen has fmv become last gen like the xbox and ps2

22nd Apr 2006, 18:11
There was way less FMV this gen than there was last gen. This gen the characters looked good, they had facial expressions. PS1 games looked quite crap to be honest and needed FMV.

It's mainly the Japanese developers that use it now. Dead or Alive 4 has it for the endings, and the next few rpgs from Square-Enix will probably have it. Next gen it will probably only be used in rpgs and maybe one or two other games.

23rd Apr 2006, 00:45
is it just me or do alot of new gen fmv's seem to be real time rendered....like when lara puts the sword in that thing at the end and the circle comes outa the floor and up infront of her my xbox kinda lags.

23rd Apr 2006, 00:52
All the "movie" sequences in this game is rendered in real time. That was the point of the thread. No pre-rendered FMVs anymore.

23rd Apr 2006, 00:59
i think its cool....unlike before when u wud have a set of guns out on a game and then a movie wud come on and it wud be way better gfx than the game and the character wud have diff guns or stuff wunt be in the place u left it.:thumbsup:

23rd Apr 2006, 11:10
I think the real time rendering is great. especially since it means the outfit you decide to wear will be the one in the vid

23rd Apr 2006, 11:14
yep things stay as you leave em GO REAL TIME WOO!

23rd Apr 2006, 17:16
so why is it when i select a different costume for the japan level, the game start with lara in her black dress? i dont see my selected costume until she whips her guns out :confused: