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22nd Apr 2006, 12:28
hi my name is joshua and at my school we are given a chouse of a cuntery to chouse and we have to make a power point presentation and im and doing it on english empier becaus im englsh and i for my pressentashen i wont to make a littel move for it with your game i love the english caricters wehn i got the demo i had to get it and i did and iwas wundering is there any programs i can tape myself playing with out the hud and the mouse in the way like your e3 traylers and other moves plzhalp me plz

22nd Apr 2006, 17:27
Hey jlgx50,...:)

I'd say... use FRAPS :o

Check it out: http://www.fraps.com/

I use it mostly to make screenshots, but you can make some short movies too.

It's free, but you can also take a better version... for a certain amount of money ;)

Hope this helped ya! :thumbsup:

24th Apr 2006, 15:56
Ok, I will give you some tips. One- Get it from the internet, like look up English Empirer. Second- Get it from A History Book.
Not to be mean, Next time, Take your time on writing on here. I couldn't understand most of the things you wrote. I do have some errors sometimes, but yea you know. I am in school right now. Just use a history Book if you don't find anything on the internet. Nothing bad about your hand writing, Just take you time. ;)

30th Apr 2006, 11:12
If you go to www.britishbattles.com and find out the strategy for the "Battle of Waterloo" then get another imperial glory player whoever it may be. You then play the historical battle on-line and Record with Fraps www.fraps.com

You will probably have to download the TMPG decoder to run into one movie.


Hope this helps