View Full Version : Dedicated Server tool Please

22nd Apr 2006, 06:04
News is spreading about this game by word of mouth, and so far everyone who i know has tried it and says that they like it and it has potential. What this game needs is a dedicated server tool, better administrator options or a new tool/menu all together. Kick function, ban function, map vote function. There are also issues with the netcode that need to be resolved, 1200 ping from 3 people with cable internet is unacceptable.

I play games competetively and have been for several years, and i can say that eidos has something good on there hands here. I would hate for it to be a game that goes down the gutter because the develepor had no interest in supporting its product through and through. The bottom line is selling copies of the game, and by polishing this game to show that you guys do and will support your finished product will definitely sell more copies. I know at least 10 people waiting for you to release some sort of dedicated server tool before purchasing the game.