View Full Version : Has anyone else got this problem?

21st Apr 2006, 12:53
Having been an original fan of TR 1 on the PS1 (going back some), i've recently got back into gaming, a little, to pass the time as i work shifts.

I've just bought TRL and it installed fine. I've also downloaded the new version.

Running on a 2Ghz Athlon (1Gb RAM) with nVidia Gforce FX5500 card, the graphics are fine, but when in the 'menu' section the mouse movement and keyboard is delayed. It's difficult to explain but everything happens a second after i've requested it. If I increase the mouse sensitivity, the game becomes unplayable - Lara looks like she's shaking her head off her shoulders! If this is just my Athlon showing it's age, then so be it!

Secondly i've got a Soundblaster 24live card, and some of the noises i'm getting aren't very good! There is a constant grinding noise on the SFX channel - almost like the speakers are being over driven and distorting. I get the feeling this should be 'background' ambience, but it's driving me mad. Can't turn the SFX down to min or all sound goes! Anyone else hearing the same?

I've also just tried to download the latest nVidia drivers - but the site didn't seem to be up. Any other download sites available?

In relation to the game itself - I like it - but i'm not getting too far, too fast!!

21st Apr 2006, 13:00
In some cases (like mine) it helped to reduce the audio hardware acceleration to "basic acceleration" to fix the noise.

to get a variety of graphic drivers visit: www.guru3d.com

21st Apr 2006, 13:10
Thanks for that. I was reading through some of these other threads about sound problems and it would appear the SB Live 24 has an issue - -turned the Hardware Accelleration to min and the game sounds altogether much better - and quieter, thankfully.

So, that bit's sorted at least. Just tried downloading the nVidia drivers again, though. no joy

Silent Shark
21st Apr 2006, 14:38
Let us know if the hardware accelleration thing works permanently.

For a lot of us, it works for 30 mins, then the sound distorts again.

23rd Apr 2006, 15:39
Turn off Next Generation Content if it's on. This should help.
Not to sure about the sound problem you have though, lets fix one thing at a time.