View Full Version : hitman 2 error

20th Apr 2006, 18:57
I have tryed re-installing this game ALOT of times, can someone help me?
I start up the game and i play for a bit, with cheats on
I edited the .ini file to get cheats on, i play for a bit
then i close it by myself and the next time i start it up the screen flickers black once, then it goes back to desktop,
I have tryed re-installing but nothing?

5th May 2006, 12:13
What are your PC's specs? If you have a dual-core CPU, most Eidos games tend to work better when you disable hyperthreading.

12th May 2006, 21:51
same problem for me except sometimes when i am playing it automatically quits and goes to desktop what are pc specs and how do I disable "hyperthreading"

13th May 2006, 22:43
PC specs are things such as "1 GB RAM" and "GeForce FX 5200 Video Card" or "AMD Athlon XP 2500+ CPU".

You can disable hyperthreading in your BIOS. If you don't know how to get to your BIOS, you can follow these steps:

1. Alt+Tab out of the game
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
3. Go to the "Processes" tab
4. Right-click on the game's EXE file (something like deusex.exe) and click "Set Affinity..."
5. Uncheck all of the CPUs except for "CPU 0"

If you choose this method, you will have to do this every time you start the game.

21st Sep 2006, 03:56
I have the same problem with Hitman 2, only I am using a Centrino 1.6 Mhz with 1Gb ram.

Any suggestions?