View Full Version : Can't Get Men Off Ships

The Maestro
20th Apr 2006, 07:56
The problem is I can get my troops off the boat, when I pick them up to move them off the boat to france, the only option I have is to move them back to england as that is the only place which will light up when I pass the army over it, and if I try to move them any where else they just go back to the boat. I am I doing something wrong as it is quite annoying trying to get Wellington to attack Boney but he can't get off the ship even in English controlled territories like Hanover.

21st Apr 2006, 16:04
Hey Meastro,...:)

Hanover can't be reached by sea, since it has no port ;)

Once your ship is docked to a port (and make sure it's docked!) wait one turn and then let your army out. I guess you know how to do that.

That should do the trick! :cool:

The Maestro
22nd Apr 2006, 07:20
Thank you. I hav no idea why I did not think of it before