View Full Version : How do I get invert camera to work?

20th Apr 2006, 01:05

In the camera options I try to invert the camera and binoculars. No matter what axis I invert, nothing happens. For me, when I look up and down, I automatically pull the mouse to look up, and push it forward to look down. This was something I did the first time I played a 3D game with a mouse, and something I've done since. And thus, to change is impossible, and no matter how long I play I keep looking down when I mean to look up and vice versa. So it is very important for my enjoyment of the game to get this to work. So is there something else I need to do to be able to look up when I pull the mouse back?

Thanks for any help!

20th Apr 2006, 01:26
Unfortunately that seems to be a bug with the game. Apparently the Patch 1.1 (http://www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/support/) fixes that. But it only works with the European version (or so it says). If you are from North America or somewhere else, this probably won't help you. Maybe search for a patch for the American Version, or contact eidos or Crystal Dynamics tech support.

20th Apr 2006, 01:59
Thanks, but I actually found out there was a (well hidden) patch out already, which I installed.

However, after installing the patch, my controls LAG like crazy. Even in the menu, when move around there is no response until after a second or two. This is disastrous in game since Lara keeps on running for several seconds after I release the key, and finally jumps long after she should.


Guess I have to revert back to the original version and suffer throug the "wroing" camera movements...

20th Apr 2006, 11:18
Maybe the patch changed the visual settings somehow. Have you tried toning down resolution and such?

20th Apr 2006, 20:50
When I close the Logitech drivers for my keyboard it runs a little better. All the settings are the same. But now that I am at the bike level, the controls are not precise enough currently for me to finish that level. :(