View Full Version : floating rocks...

19th Apr 2006, 18:17
Hi all,
I am on the level where you assemble the bits... I wasn't sure how to get across to the temple & messed about jumping across the masonry on top of the pillars. Eventially I spotted a boulder, floating in mid air next to one of the pillars holding the platforms up. Odd, I thought. I shot it - and the pillar promptly collapsed. After a while, I swung across to the temple (duh!) and did the thing. When I came to the collapsing platforms bit, I find I can't escape, because one of the pillars has collapsed due to my shooting the floating rock!! :(

There's no way this is intended. The consequence is that I had to reload a previous savegame and it put me right back at the start :eek: - when I was at the end! Argh! Something seems to be wrong with the savegames too - they all send you miles back no matter where you save.

Anyhow - I don't want to play the whole level again before I can get on. Does anyone have any advice on skipping the level or maybe a savegame at the point I mentioned?

Any advice or help very welcome!