View Full Version : TOO High kill rate?

19th Apr 2006, 18:03
Besides Loving Imperial Glory and all, the thing that bugs me is that the soldiers die way too fast for 19th century muskets. Please somebody make a mod to way lessen that.:) :mad:

20th Apr 2006, 03:44
I kinda agree to this. Aren't the Muskets Unaccurate? So I will download a mod if anyone makes it. Short and simple, They die to fast, Make a mod to slower the kill rate.

20th Apr 2006, 16:58
Yes, please do. Somebody make a mod that will kinda slowen the loading process and way lessen the casualties; accept melle. A musket of the Napoleonic period could never kill that many in one volly, unless....the troop were just a few yards away. Soldiers back then were trained to fire at 100 to 200 yards.They were told to aim for the head at 100 and aim for the torso at 50 and we need a loose formation the french Chasseurs(Voltigeurs) usualy attacked in loose lines.;) :)

26th Apr 2006, 14:13
I don't think they die too fast. Lets see how fast you die when thier are 180 musket balls flying at your unit. If you have ever saw a show on the TV about the 1700's and 1800's guns you would agree with me.:nut:

27th Apr 2006, 02:18
What it the show? I will argue with you, 60 bullets going after your units far away.They are unaccurate. I saw the history Channel about some of these guns. They A NOT ACCUTATE! :rasp: Don't get mad about it :mad2:

27th Apr 2006, 09:54
It is fair to say that a standard flintlock musket of the Napoleonic era such as the 'Brown Bess' fired by standard infantry was well nigh useless at any range much greater than 100 yards. As Richard Holmes (a leading military historian) once said "they would struggle to hit a barn door at anything above 100 yards range".

Exceptions include the rifle regiments (British 95th for eg using Baker rifles) because they had far more accurate rifled weapons, and possibly the light troops of most nations because they were chosen to be in light companies for their marksmanship skills (even with standard muskets).

The leading historian David Chandler once mused that perhaps 1,000 rounds were fired for each casualty caused in set-piece Napoleonic battles. Notice that the figure of 1,000 rounds equates only to casualties, not just to fatalities.

In terms of IG I think we can assume that there is some adjustment to these stats to make the game run the way it does. If it were too accurate to reality then we'd all be pounding away at each other's lines for hours and do little damage worth the effort lol ;) I can see what you are saying though, and perhaps some setting between the two would please some players more.