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18th Apr 2006, 21:51
For the Dev team; I'm simply wondering when we can expect a new patch to address the various issues documented here on the boards (slowness, the Sound Blaster "stutter" problem, the rendering problems, etc). I've followed all of the recommendations, updated drivers, etc, etc, ad nauseum, and I'm still at the mercy of the performance problems on a 2 ghz machine with a gig and a half of RAM, and what I consider to be a solid gaming video card (GeForce 6600 GT). I'm hoping that we, the consumers and purchasers, will see the next patch fairly soon. I, for one, really do want to be able to enjoy the game, but until the issues have been addressed, I can't get my money's worth. Is there a timetable in place for delivery of a new patch?

19th Apr 2006, 01:36
Can't get your moneys worth? I haven't even been able to get the damn game to run, and to top it all off... They've stopped responding to my CSR ticket that I have opened. All I got a week ago was the default "uninstall your drivers, reinstall drivers, and reinstall game" answer and that was the last I heard from them.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

How about some updates here people? The worst thing you can do is ignore your customers!

19th Apr 2006, 03:21
Remember eidos is the publisher and not the developers who are crystal dynamics.

19th Apr 2006, 09:07
Remember eidos is the publisher and not the developers who are crystal dynamics.

This is true, but you aren't calling Crystal Dynamic's Tech Support, or posting on their forums with these issues, either. The ball is in Eidos' court, and as the publisher, They are the folks that receive our feedback, be it good or ill.