View Full Version : Need help: swimming

17th Apr 2006, 23:58

I just got the demo and I need help on how to swim underwater.

PS: I try the search engine for swim, instruction...etc nothing.


BTW: I know how to swim fast: E

18th Apr 2006, 00:01
Since you mentioned the E key I presume you're playing on the PC? The swimming controls are basically just the same as on the surface. To dive deeper press the F key. To surface use the right mouse button:thumbsup:

18th Apr 2006, 00:13
I tryed every key....I guess not the F. I will try this. THANKS

18th Apr 2006, 00:27
The F is the default dive key, so unless you've changed it that should be the right one. Btw, in the game box there is a booklet called Field Notes....there you can find ALL the controls in the game;)

18th Apr 2006, 00:49
Don't you see the hints that tell you what to use through out the level? When I approach the water I get a hint that says what keys to use. You can also look in the options/key configuration to see what each key does and change it if you wish.