View Full Version : help graves-excaliber.. any ideas ?

17th Apr 2006, 09:38
in area with the graves what i suppose to do ?

17th Apr 2006, 09:45
Short short version

go to bedwyr watch cut scene - drag his tomb near shorter flat topped pillar
stand by arthur use grapple on light fitting to swing
rush and jump onto dragged tomb piece- jump onto pillar -jump to bell and start climbing
swinging light fitting hits newly raised bell watch cutscene

any questions?

17th Apr 2006, 09:59
so i have to exit that place ? do i have to do all these ?(i dident understand much ):confused:

17th Apr 2006, 10:07
ok that i finally did it what about the "monster" ????

17th Apr 2006, 10:15
equip autmatic weapon (so much easier to do) if not just hold fire button.

Aim lara's guns at front left cat bell they should lock on red. keep firing til u hear a louder dong. at this point put her guns away and throw grapple to lever and press interact. watch cut scene. repeat method going front right cat bell then run and do rear right then rear left. it may take a while to perfect but you should eventually do it in one go. annoying that at the back to levers the grapple can fatally lock onto the wrong lever just be careful to position and aim lara whilst firing as you dont have time to move whilst the snake is entranced.

17th Apr 2006, 10:29
its too dificult....im still trying as i dont have health...

17th Apr 2006, 10:36
When you die you get a full bar of health, this is more than enough. The trick is not to panic, turn off the music if it helps as it is quite dramatic. Also ignore what the snake is doing. When you get this section done you will feel really chuffed and annoyed that there isn't an immediate checkpoint.