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17th Apr 2006, 08:05
Hi Can someone please help. I have the sniper in position in the tower and have now become the spy and disabled the explosives at the side of the bridge. The only uniform I can get is the soldier I killed as I left the boat. I can't make any progress and assume I need an officer's uniform to get by the many guards. Any help greatfully received?

Waffen SS
17th Apr 2006, 11:34
Get in the dock. Then enter the room where a sub-officer is standing. Get his uniform. Then disable the explosives. Enter the comm station when the officer goes away. Then silently kill the officer situated at the comm station.:rolleyes:

17th Apr 2006, 16:36
Thanks. Got it!!!

Waffen SS
18th Apr 2006, 11:15
Thanks. Got it!!!

It's nothing. I am simply glad that you have managed to find the path.:p

21st Apr 2006, 21:23
you can also just work your way all the way around. if the river is behind you, swing all the way around on the right side. there are stairs next to the boat house, and you can go behind the big granary (or whatever it is) that is adjacent to the tower, then get in that way. a subofficer uniform is really all you need. i hated that mission--however what came afteryou get the sniper up top was great!
have fun

Waffen SS
24th Apr 2006, 06:37
i hated that mission

It's one of my favourite mission.:D

26th Apr 2006, 12:49
You know that apart from this... a bonus thingie is to kill the officer that just arrives in this mission... and you can also clear out most of the personnel around silently (including the guards on the bridge) ... less soldiers there, less soldiers to worry about when the GB makes his offensive with the sniper...


26th Apr 2006, 14:26
Hi. I have a problem playing the mission Cat's Eyes. When I completed the first objective with sniper (eliminate 4 enemies in dock), the game started crashing with the message something like: "(game process) has generated general errors and will close". After a while I managed to complete 2nd objective (tower) without crashing, and I thought it was over.
But when it came the Spy's turn, the problems started again. I can disable the explosives, but after the Nazi officer arrives I simply can't make any progress without the game crashing.

I have updated the game to 1.2 which I believe is the latest patch. I'm running it on AMD Athlon 2800 with 512 memory, Radeon 9600 and Windows2000. Any ideas? Does anyone have a saved game at the start of the next mission so I can get through this and don't have to sell the game away?